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Raw Food Detox

If you feel that you need to make a change and you want to live as healthfully as possible, you may want to consider a cleanse or detox. A raw food detox can be very energizing and appealing.

Instead of eating processed foods that will fill your body with toxins, on a raw detox, you’ll eat fresh, raw organic foods that will slowly rid your body of these toxins, leaving you feeling better than ever. A raw food detox can be temporary, or you may find that you feel so good when eating raw foods that you want to make it your lifestyle, which is perfectly acceptable, too.

The human body is amazing. It is always in the process of cleaning out the toxins, but it can only clean out the toxins so much when you continue to consume more foods that replace what was just removed by the body. A raw diet simply replaces the toxic foods and replaces them with very clean foods, thus speeding up the detoxification process.

On this diet, you are consuming only fresh fruits and vegetables, which are made up primarily of water. Because the body doesn’t need to work very hard to digest these foods, the body has the ability to remove the toxins at the cellular level. While this is great for the body, it will take dedication. Your body will crave the toxins that is has become accustomed to, much like when a smoker tries to quit smoking. You may experience skin problems, headaches, fatigue, and nausea. If these symptoms are too severe you may need to slowly embrace this new eating style so as not to make such a drastic change.

A detox such as this could last a week or it could last a couple months, it is all based on personal preference. Obviously, the longer the cleanse the more toxins the body will be able to remove and the better you should feel. Those first few days can be rough, but by continuing to eat well and adding in exercise (rebounding is recommended), a lot of people find that they have never felt better in their entire lives.

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