The Beginning Of Organic Rice Production In Vietnam

Organic Rice

When it is spoken about Vietnam, the first thing that comes to mind is the fulcrum on the shoulder that Vietnamese carry on the back.  The rice basket areas, which are the Mekong in the south of Vietnam and the Red River in the north, produce huge amount of rice that nosh the rest of Vietnam. Rice in Vietnam is chiefly produced.  It is just not an auxiliary food that people eat along with other food stuff. Rice is the reason of their existence. Their food intake without rice in every meal is just impossible.  The concept of meal includes rice for a Vietnamese. This would give a clear picture of the people of Vietnam.  It is just not required for bare existence it is also required for healthy life.  Rice is the money in the traditional prospects of Vietnam.

In Vietnam you can come across organic rice production process.  This great achievement in agricultural production mainly focuses on breeding new crop varieties using the latest technology and training. Producing better quality and safe crop products is the privilege of every person.  You do want to be hale and hearty, right? Then the rice production protocol must be the first thing of consideration.  The two principal ways of producing rice are wet paddy and on dry hillsides.  In this the paddy field used for cultivation is primarily fertilized using bio-organic fertilizer. You should do all you can to produce organics. The first thing a person must do is produce without using any insecticides, chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Paddy farming method used in organic production is administered and ascribed by international certification.  They comply with the guidelines of EU and USDA Organic Standards.  The production scales are slowly expanding and all kinds of certified organic rice such as aromatic white rice, black rice, purple rice, red rice and mixed color rice are produced in an organic manner. The paddy rice yields in an organic yield produce high tonnage per hectare but require more agro-technical staff.

The Certified Organic Foods are of great quality as it does not contain antibiotic and insecticide residue.  It is also well known fact these there are no chemical fertilizer or artificial coloring used.  Therefore they are best products which are free of addictives and preservatives. As far as the production of organic rice under the Red River Delta conditions it can be seen that the production process includes mixture of bio-fertilizers with pig-manure. The outcome of the rice is of good quality and consists of lower nitrate in it. It is also free of other chemical residues.  This is because in this process of production the bio-pesticides are used instead of the chemical pesticides.  Therefore in the residue the pest is reduced and the diseases can be reduced which otherwise a person faces in ordinary farming.  Moreover it is advantageous as the pH of the soil is improved.  The Vietnamese organic rice is recognized worldwide today. The Organic rice is now much preferred by global consumers.  Thanks to improved technology that the environment is protected to a larger extent and people are consuming safely produced consumables.

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